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'Exit from NDA led to our loss', Babu looking to reconcile?

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'Exit from NDA led to our loss',  Babu looking to reconcile?


Speaking to the Telugu Desam Party workers on his two-day tour to Visakhapatnam, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu softened his stance on BJP and said that one of the reasons for the loss of party was the exit from BJP. Naidu added that TDP clashed with the centre for the benefit of Telugu people, however, that is what caused their loss. 

"Only for the benefit of the state we differed with the Centre. But because of that, the TDP is at a loss now, while there were no gains for the state. Things would have been different if we had not created those differences. We need to ensure that we do not make such mistakes in the future," said the former Chief Minister.

Naidu's tone and choice of words indicated a softened stance on the central government and BJP and his usual attacking demeanour was absent. Ever since TDP walked out from NDA back in March 2018, the TDP chief has been particularly vocal in his criticism for Amit Shah and co. 

"I had tried hard for benefits to the state, not for personal benefits. What rivalry is there between me and Modi? For the people of Andhra, I differed. That was it. We will analyse every factor. It’s a continuous process. Based on this we will create an action plan for the future," he added.

Naidu's move of walking out of NDA and contesting the elections on its own turned out to be disastorus with TDP winning just 23 seats. Even though BJP also performed poorly and the 2019 assembly elections were YSRCP show all the way, a number of local leaders and MPs walked out of TDP and joined BJP expressing regret over the move of walking out fron NDA.


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