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Devipatnam tragedy : Capsized boat found 70 metres under water!

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Devipatnam tragedy : Capsized boat found 70 metres under water!


State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) from Uttarakhand located the tourist boat that capsized on Sunday in Devipatnam. The search for the boat was on for the last four days and the SDRF team found it using a sonar device. 

Now the SDRF team face an even more daunting task- to bring the boat to the shore.  Various options are being considered on methods to bring the 30 tonnes Royal Vasista to the shore from the bottom of the river.

Following the copious rainfall in catchment areas and authorities discharging water from the Sir Arthur Cotton barrage into the sea, the river has about 3.54 lakh cusecs of water inflows. Though water levels have come down last few days, the high velocity of water continues to hamper rescue operations.

Moreover, the accident zone lies in an extremely curvaceous and narrow spot making it difficult for the bigger ships to come in and assist in the rescue activities. Also, As the river is witnessing floods, its water is having high-level turbidity by bringing down the visibility to just a few metres distance.


Authorities have also noticed the presence of three different whirlpools not far from point of the mishap, which have unusually been located with a radius of eight to 10 meters each and are merging into one mega-whirlpool for every 15 to 20 minutes, before separating again. It is believed it was such one mega-whirlpool which might have sucked the boat in and drowned it, even as the driver, unaware of its presence, navigated the boat into it.

D. Muralidhar Reddy, district collector, East Godavari, said, “We are involving experts from various departments and agencies to explore various options on how to salvage the sunken boat, given inclement weather conditions and other hurdles. We wish to bring it up by some means and soon.”


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