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CS subordinate to cabinet, says Yanamala

22-04-201922-04-2019 15:03:26 IST
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CS subordinate to cabinet, says Yanamala

Amaravathi: Finance Minister of Andhra Pradesh Yanamala Ramakrishnudu questioned the decisions of  Cheif Secretary LV Subramanyam for interfering in financial decisions made by cabinet of ministers. Recently in a press conference, Yanamala questioned the decisions taken by him.

It is a known fact that CEC replaced CS of AP with LV Subramanyam. This resulted in a series of quibbles from TDP. Even CM Naidu called him as co-accused in the cases faced by Jagan and covert in the government. 

Since then the TDP led government is up in arms against the bureaucrat and lately CS refused permission for Rs. 1,000 cr loan by the government for which the GO was issued by the finance department.

Critics and the opposition party YSRCP, which is confident of coming to the power said that FM is conveniently forgetting the limitations of authority of cabinet of ministers during the model of conduct during the election period. YSRCP leaders say that he pretends to be unaware of the powers of a chief secretary of government when Model Code of Conduct was in force.

In the recent past after 11th of this month, CS had expressed his displeasure regarding the ways and means of finance secretary and the department. He had sought explanations from the officials and in this backdrop, finance secretary M. Ravichandra went on one month leave. YSRCP attributes it to the CS's censure of the department about the way payments being done without an order. 

While reviewing finance department, CS questioned the action taken by the finance department for issuing GOs that agree to take loans for interest higher than 8%. However, the finance department says that they were approved by the state cabinet, but CS refused permission for a loan after April 15, attracting the ire of CM and his cabinet colleagues. 

The word is that CS questioned the officials about the bills passed by the finance department and sought an explanation. However, the officials are between the devil and deep blue sea as they did it for the Minister but now CS is seeking an explanation. 

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