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Congress leaders not happy with TDP's defiance

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Congress leaders not happy with TDP's defiance

The Congress headquarters is not happy with the way the TDP  is challenging the central investigation agencies. While supporting the demand of Chandrababu Naidu over the 'excesses' of CBI or other investigative agencies, 10, Janpath felt that-Naidu shouldn't have targetted the public institutions, with such severity. Congress is feeling that the speed of Naidu may create some issues, during their journey with TDP in the days to come at the National level. By stating that a tradition of silence was broken, at the time four judges raised a revolt against the then Chief justice of Supreme Court, the entire country had undergone a shock. But, nobody has demanded to dismantle the existing judiciary and didn't lose the faith over the system. When four senior-most judges aired their grievances against the then Chief Justice Dipak Mishra, the people looked at their move as part of bringing in transparency in the system.  The judges have raised questions regarding the allocation of cases and delay in finalization of the memorandum of the procedure. It may be recalled that these judges along with the Chief Justice constitute the Collegium -the body that appoints judges to the higher judiciary. 


When Jyoti Basu ruled West Bengal for more than two and half decades, he didn't question the supremacy and functioning of the central investigation agencies. The TDP founder Dr. NTR, despite his opposition with the Congress at Centre, never questioned or demanded to withdraw the consent of his State Government and also didn't prevent the agencies in carrying out their investigations. Similarly, Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu had a long battle with the Union Governments in several issues, on various occasions. The Dravidian parties even questioned the Northern supremacy, but never questioned the federal structure of the system.  These are the observations of a senior most Congress leader, based at 10, Janpath. He also has recollected the recent development, wherein the AP DGP Thakur has communicated to Telangana Election Commission that AP police, who are into the collection of intelligence, has no geographical limitations. In fact, TRS has lodged a complaint with Telangana Election Commission, over the reported distribution of money in Telangana Assembly segments. Then, AP DGP was asked to submit a report to Telangana Chief Electoral Officer. In his reply to CEO, AP DGP has stated that AP police have no geographical boundaries, the senior Congress leader has recollected and questioned as to how the AP Government would prevent a central investigative agency from discharging the duties now on the land, which is also an integral part of India. 


Even, former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar while speaking to media at Rajahmundry on Friday has laughed at the way State Government issued a G.O. and reminded about the Supreme Court's verdict, which says that CBI's powers can't be undermined. 

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