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CM vs CS; Political dispensation vs Government machinery

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CM vs CS; Political dispensation vs Government machinery

In a peculiar situation of implementation of Model Code of Conduct, the administrative set up of Andhra Pradesh is witnessing conflicts in the period post elections and before the date of results.

The order of CS as per the instructions from EC to stop review meetings and the cancellation of 18 GOs, which are related to payments for the contractors or the companies that were awarded works in TDP regime raised many eyebrows and attracted even the ire of CM Chandrababu Naidu.

CM Naidu has been questioning the functioning of EC from the date of polling but that took a different turn when he was stopped from conducting review meetings. When the GOs made by him were cancelled, his anguish reached the peaks and he as well as TDP started questioning the role of EC in administration after completion of elections. 

Recently CM and his party mentioned the conduct of cabinet meetings by PM Narendra Modi and questioned the discrimination. CM Naidu and his minister son Lokesh wondered whether elections happened in AP only or they are being conducted all over India. However, the opposition version is different as they term CM Naidu as caretaker CM once the model code of conduct comes to the fore and it stays put till the results are announced.

In this context, the MCC will be implemented until May 25. However, CM Naidu has other intentions and recently said that he has the right to rule till June eighth as he took oath on the same day five years back. 

Now the question arises; What date needs to be taken for five years period; the date of announcement of results for assembly or Loksabha or the date of taking of the oath by the government? After the announcement of results in 2014, Narendra Modi took oath as PM in the last week of May, but Chandrababu Naidu waited till June 8 to do the same. Should the five year period be different for PM and CM due to the difference in dates of taking the oath, despite the results announced on the same day? 

However, these are minute details that need constitutional or legal corroboration, which has not been done till date. As the dispute has been raised now, there is a chance of minimising it in the future. 

TDP's legal cell too took this point and is asserting the five year period to rule and is condemning EC for meddling in the administrative affairs. 

TDP's legal cell, as well as party's Rajya Sabha member K Ravindra Kumar, asserted the right to rule for five years for an elected party after CM said so in a press conference.

Last week CM was stopped by Chief Secretary from holding review conferences and he even cancelled a review on Home department. Adding anguish to that, CS cancelled 18 GOs pertaining to payments of different departments. This incident coincides with long leave of special chief secretary of finance M Ravichandra from April 22nd till May 17. 

The stoppage of payments by EC coincided by the leave of finance secretary combined with CM Naidu's fire on EC and officers not attending review meetings are depicting a cold war between political dispensation and machinery of the government in Andhra Pradesh. 

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