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CM Jagan increases the salary of Asha workers to Rs. 10,000

03-06-201903-06-2019 17:04:20 IST
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CM Jagan increases the salary of Asha workers to Rs. 10,000

As part of his efforts to gain grip over the administration Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is reviewing different ministries on a daily basis and on Monday he reviewed on Health Ministry. 

As part of the review, he directed the officials to implement ideal policies to give quality treatment and services to the poor from government hospitals. 

CM constituted a committee with experts from the health sector. Special secretary to government PV Ramesh will coordinate with the committee on behalf of the government. This committee will discuss with the officials and shall submit its report to the government in 45 days. 

In the review meeting, CM warned officials about corruption and asked them not to tolerate even a pinch of it in the department. He said the results will be good if everybody works by owning the work he does. He suggested that the policies of late Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy should be the motto of the government. He reminded the officials of Arogyasri scheme that was implemented by the YSR government alongside 108 services. He sais that many states took them as ideal to implement policies in their state. 

He issued the orders to overhaul the vehicles of 108 and 104 and asked the officials to keep them in full condition to start operations. CM directed the officials to breathe life into the Health ministry, which lost its lifeline during the previous regime. He said that the whole country should again look at AP to take advice about the implementation of health schemes.

CM Jagan ordered to change the name of Arogya Sri to "YSR Arogya Sri". He made it clear that he will directly review the ministry and asked the officers for a report on the situation and condition of PHCs and ambulances in the state. He increased the salary of Aasha workers to Rs. 10,000 per month.

He asked the officials to better the condition of government hospitals and let them work at par with private hospitals. He criticised the previous regime by commenting that the calculations were just confined to dashboard till date, but warned that it should not be the situation hereafter. 

He recalled the pathetic conditions of government hospitals, where patients were bitten by rats and asked the officials to set right the situation. He directed the officials to take action on the suppliers of spurious medicines.

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