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Chaitanya Ratham is Back- A NewsSting Exclusive

23-08-201823-08-2018 05:30:00 IST
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Chaitanya Ratham is Back- A NewsSting Exclusive

Chaitanya Ratham needs no introduction for people in AP and Telangana. It was this ‘ratham’ using which matinee idol Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao or NTR as he is fondly called walked into the hearts of Telugu people. There is not a corner of the state that this Chevrolet’s 1940 model didn’t go to during the 1980s.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it was this ratham which set a trend for all the yatras and rallies that we see today. The vehicle which was driven by NTR’s son Harikrishna reportedly clocked 75,000 kms on the odometer. 

With changing times and new election campaigning methods, the Chaitanya Ratham faded into oblivion and was parked in the Ramakrishna Studios in Nacharam for the past couple of decades. Until recently, when NewsSting team gathered exclusive visuals of the legendary ‘Chaitanya Ratham’ which hit the roads after a long gap.

The Chevrolet RV model is currently undergoing restoration works in a Hyderabad automotive studio where it will be brought back to its past glory very soon. Our team was informed that the vehicle is being restored so that it can be used for the upcoming NTR biopic in which Balakrishna is playing the lead role. The Chaitanya Ratham which played a crucial role in NTR’s political journey will be portrayed in its original form in the movie to be directed by Krish.

The vehicle will be restored with all the original features which include a washroom, sun roof, seating area, sound system and lighting. It will take around 40 days for work completion and the spares and other important parts are being imported currently.


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