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CFMS was made a mockery, allege sources in Finance department

25-04-201925-04-2019 08:15:28 IST
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CFMS was made a mockery, allege sources in Finance department

Comprehensive Financial Management System was brought by Andhra Pradesh with much publicity stating that every transaction now happens with transparency. However, some sources in the government after the elections alleging that the government is using that to make payments to their dear ones.

After the bifurcation of the state, the AP government gave the responsibility of developing software to CFMS to SAP India. However, since one and a half year, the CFMS transactions were on the wrong track, allege the sources in the secretariat. A close associate of the people in the power was made CEO of the system and he got the login credentials of CFMS. Normally, the credentials will only be known to Finance Secretary. However, CFMS CEO too knows these credentials and monitored the payments to be done. This monitoring turned berserk a couple of months to elections. Before that it was out of the track, but the situation worsened when polling date was nearing. 

Sources say that the CEO made the payments who paid the top leadership of TDP, but the party rejects the allegations. The payments need to be done on first come first basis. In some emergency conditions/bills can be paid first on the discretionary power of finance secretary. However, the way CEO made the payments made no balance to give salaries for some government employees, contract employees and outsourcing people, say the aggrieved ones due to the nonpayment of their dues. 

They allege that since one and half year, there is no monitoring of PAO on bill payments and the people controlling made a mockery of payments. There is no seniority number generated due to the lack of monitoring by PAO and this made the CEO to make payments as he/she wished. 

The sources said that there would be an unofficial list with CEO of CFMS system and ignoring the finance secretary in this matter, some people are making decisions regarding payment. This made the finance department a dummy regarding CFMS, say the sources in that department. Even regular employees in government came to know about the situation when they found that they did not get salaries due to lack of funds in respective accounts, which was a result of the diversion of funds to other payments dictated by CEO of CFMS and others. 

Finance department sources allege that some contract employees close to CFMs and TDP got salary two times with the discretionary powers of CEO, which could not exist as per the rule. 

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