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CBN’s Sankranti Gift

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CBN’s Sankranti Gift

As a Sankranti gift, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, has doubled the existing pension by making it Rs. 2000 from Rs. 1000. It is said that, there are 54 lakh pensioners who are elderly and widowed and they will be the prime benefiiaries of this scheme. The government will be implimenting the scheme from January end. 

The Chief Minister stated that the pensioners would get Rs. 3000 into their accounts as a New Year gift in February before continuing as Rs. 2000 per month. 

An official press release from the CMO added that the festival gift is going to reach 24,22,444 elderly persons, 6,41,820 disabled persons, 1,07,992 weavers, 28,011 toddy tappers, 32,979 HIV patients, 1,665 transgender persons, 45,358 fishermen, 1,12,471 single women, 8,044 dialysis patients which sums it to 54,14,592 people respectively. Those people who have a disability of 80 percent and are now on a pension of Rs.1500, will get Rs.3000 here after.

Naidu also declared that the State government is absolutely committed to the welfare of the poor and is on a mission to raise the pensions even after the financial issues that have come up after bifurcation of the state.

Lashing out at Prime Minister Modi for not supporting AP in it's path to progress, Naidu said that the centre was supposed to provide AP with a financial assistance of Rs 75,000 crores and failed to do so. "Despite such difficulties, the state would march on to the path of progress", he added.

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