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CBI director Lakshminarayana joining politics

26-11-201826-11-2018 09:02:56 IST
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CBI director Lakshminarayana joining politics

In a new political development, former CBI director VV Lakshminarayana is ready to make his political debut. According to reports, the former IPS officer had decided on the name of the party as Jana Dhwani.

With the intention of contesting the Legislative assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh in 2019, Jana Dhwani is expected to be launched on 26th November in Vijayawada. 

VV Lakshminarayana has kept people guessing for more than a year now on rumors of him entering politics. He has been very keenly interacting with tribal communities in the rural corners of Andhra Pradesh. 

Earlier this year a photo of VV Lakshminarayana attending a convention organized by the RSS had gone viral on the social media which had raised huge speculations in the media of launching his own political party in Andhra Pradesh. There were also speculations of him joining the BJP.

While he was the CBI director he shot into fame when he had headed the investigation of the YSRCP chief YS Jagan’s disproportionate assets case. He also handled the Obulapuram mining case and the financial fraud by Satyam computers.

The former IPS officer is known to reach out to young voters and also wants to work for the rural people of Andhra Pradesh whose problems he feels have been neglected.



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