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Can AP Cabinet meet on 10th?

07-05-201907-05-2019 15:13:19 IST
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Can AP Cabinet meet on 10th?

Andhra Pradesh cabinet meeting called by Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is in the eye of the storm now due to the presence of the model code of conduct. 

Principal Secretary to CM, G. Sai Prasad on Monday sent a communication to Chief Secretary LV Subramanyam about CM's decision of holding a cabinet meeting on 10th May 2019. 

However, CS on Tuesday told the media that cabinet meet can happen during the time of presence of the model code of conduct if there is an emergency. He talked to the reporters after meeting Sai Prasad and CM's political secretary Srikanth. He clarified that the cabinet meet will be conducted only after taking permission from Election Commission. He said the agenda should get the permission of EC.

CS revealed that he has yet to get the agenda and asked CMO to give that information. He further clarified about taking information from different departments about the agenda. The agenda after that will go to EC. He informed the media representatives that EC is asking 48 hours to take a decision on such permissions. 

As of now, CS did not get the agenda of the cabinet meet and it was not yet sent to the EC. The process of taking information from the departments and sending it to the EC before 10.30 am on Wednesday seems to be impossible.

In this context, one has to wait and see what decision CM would take if there is no decision about the conduct of cabinet meeting. 

If the process of dissemination of information happens and if EC responds positively, the cabinet meeting could also be conducted on a later date. However, the reaction of the CM is to be seen about that. 

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