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Babu has no powers as regular CM: CS of AP

25-04-201925-04-2019 17:49:22 IST
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Babu has no powers as regular CM: CS of AP

As of now, Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu does not enjoy any power to conduct the review meetings, says Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh LV Subramanyam. In an interview with an English Daily, CS said that Naidu's tenure would end on May 23 as soon as the result would be announced by the Election Commission.

He opined that Naidu is not a caretaker CM but clearly stated that he is the CM without powers. He told the correspondent that Naidu needs to lay down his office on May 23, if his party does not get reelected. If the TDP wins, then Naidu can take oath after May 23 or else YSRCP president YS Jaganmohan Reddy will take oath as CM, he clarified. 

However, he said that whoever be the CM, the state administration have to cooperate with them. 

Responding on the claim of CM Naidu that has time till June 7, LV Subramanyam said that there is no provision for the tenure of a CM in the constitution. He explained that the constitution gives tenure of five years for assembly. It does not mean that CM too have five years tenure and can continue even after the results announced in the latest election. 

When asked about the situation of CM in case of emergency, he said that even at that time, the MCC has to be followed and CM has to guide the administration in the right channel. He said that the right channel in the case of emergency for the CM is Chief Secretary. 

He further clarified that Naidu did not call him for any review meetings from April 6 till date. Talking about his review about the security of strong rooms and counting arrangements, he said that he facilitated a review of CEO GK Dwivedi. He further explained his situation of being head of the bureaucracy. Due to that, he conducted a video conference with collectors and other administrative machinery to make them cooperate with the CEO. 

He termed the comments of top TDP leaders as the ones having no basic legal knowledge.

Speaking on the claims of Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, about the release of funds to flagship schemes, he said that they are baseless. He made it clear that he never directed the finance department to stop the release of funds to welfare schemes. 

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