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Ayyanna’s ‘alliance’ prophecy, just a mind game?

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Ayyanna’s ‘alliance’ prophecy, just a mind game?

Former minister and TDP senior leader from North Andhra Ayyanna Patrudu has caused flutters the other day predicting the coming together of the TDP, BJP and the Jana Sena to take on the ruling YSRCP and win the 2024 elections.

From the prospect of the alliance, the senior leader’s prediction also touched upon the possibility of an early general election in the state. He went a step further claiming that the state would see very interesting political developments by then.

Ayyanna Patrudu is not only a trusted leader for the TDP but is also one of the most dreaded within the party for his jaw-dropping statements. Patrudu’s prophecy comes at a time when the TDP is suffering from a steady depletion in its ranks due to increasing desertions into the ruling YSRCP.

The latest to join this group of deserters in the region is Adari Anand, the son of Visakha Dairy chairman Adari Tulasi Rao. Minister Avanti Srinivas is speculated to have successfully roped in Anand, who along with some key leaders, met Chief Minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy on Sunday and switched his loyalties.

There is a suspicion within the TDP that there could be many more fence-sitters looking to jump into the YSRCP in the coming days. It coincides with a perceived fear that if the BJP prefers to push ahead with the same aggressive intent in future, then it will certainly threaten the very existence of the TDP in the state.

Many believe, Ayyanna Patrudu’s latest prophecy came against this backdrop largely to keep the morale of the TDP cadre high and keep the flock together. As such, there isn’t any element of surprise in the former minister’s ‘sensational claim’.

While the BJP has quickly denied any such possibility, the YSRCP leaders received the statement with a sense of déjà vu. They feel that when it happens, it will only be a ‘confirmation of a long-standing nexus between the three parties’.

“If the TDP formally joins hands with the BJP and Jana Sena with the sole objective of defeating the YSRCP, it will be a huge moral victory for us. Besides, it will expose the tacit relationship that the three parties have between them and they can no more hide behind the veil in their political machinations,” was how the YSRCP men are reacting to Ayyanna Patrudu’s prediction.

Even though the BJP is aggressively poaching leaders from the TDP in its bid to emerge as the principal opposition party in Andhra Pradesh by 2024, the saffron party has largely gone soft on Chandrababu Naidu and his party since the time YSRCP formed the government in the state.

The two parties also share a rich history of forming ‘alliances of convenience’ at the drop of the hat, indicating a strong bond and the like-mindedness that the top leaderships of the two parties share. The BJP has recently absorbed several TDP leaders, including the closest aides of Chandrababu Naidu, amid criticism that the ruling national party is simply providing a safe haven to those steeped in massive-scale corruption.

The Jana Sena of Pawan Kalyan comes with the reputation of a ‘sidekick’ for the Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh. Jana Sena was the junior partner of the pre-poll alliance in 2014 along with the TDP and the BJP.

The intriguing stand taken by its chief, the star-turned-politician, on many issues in the last five years has raised eyebrows. The Jana Sena espousing the TDP cause and playing second fiddle to it has in fact turned against it very badly. Its perceived nexus with the TDP is also believed to have played its part in its humiliating rout in the recent elections.

While the YSRCP leaders still see Pawan Kalyan as a ‘hand in glove’ with the TDP and the BJP, the star politician appears hardly interested to reverse this reputation. His recent stand on the Amaravati capital region lands was called out by his detractors for his ‘double standards’. They accused him of toeing the TDP and BJP’s line while remaining mum on the illegal constructions on the river banks and the massive-scale corruption in the allotment of capital region lands.

Interestingly, it was Pawan Kalyan himself who raised the bogey of ‘large-scale corruption in Amaravati land acquisition’ a few years ago.

Given this background, Ayyanna Patrudu’s prophecy on the three parties forming an alliance for the 2024 elections would be hardly surprising, at least from a political perspective..!

-Durga Prasad Kanamaluru

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