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AP Minister's wife argues with toll gate staff

18-05-201918-05-2019 16:12:18 IST
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AP Minister's wife argues with toll gate staff

In another instance of political arrogance, wife of Andhra Pradesh Minister Prathipati Pullarao, PV Kumari on Saturday argued with toll gate staff at Kaza near Mangalagiri. 

The argument was regarding the toll fee they have to pay. Tollgate staff say that they cannot allow the vehicle without paying the toll fee. Minister's wife claims that her car has MLA sticker. The staff contend that the vehicle can be exempted from toll fee only with the presence of MLA. As MLA is not in the vehicle, they can't allow the vehicle without toll feel. 

However, Kumari did not bother about the version of toll staff. She said that the toll staff are creating a scene with unnecessary arguments. Her contention was that they need to leave the vehicle unstopped when they see the sticker. 

Her argument did not go well with the staff as they insisted on the presence of MLA in the vehicle for toll fee exemption. 

In most contexts, the vehicles having stickers of MLC, MLA or MP stickers get a VIP free pass even without the dignitaries present in the car. However, in this incident, the toll staff were firm despite the person in the car is the wife of a Minister. The staff did not budge even PA of the Minister called the toll gate staff. Finally, Kumari reportedly had to pay the toll tax and left.

This tollgate has a history of making celebrities pay. In December last year, Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar too had an altercation with the staff in this toll gate. He was travelling in his car but has no MLA sticker on the car. The car doesn't even have the registration number. Hence, the staff refused to provide a free pass for his vehicle. Agitated MLA abandoned the car on the road and took RTC bus to reach his destination. The staff later apologised to MLA with the intervention of National Highways Authority of India.

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