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AP fishermen detained by Pakistan coast guard

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AP fishermen detained by Pakistan coast guard

Fishermen from various states of India have been detained by the Pakistan coast guard after they had accidentally entered Pakistan's territorial water.

A total of 24 fishermen were detained among which eight belonged to Andhra Pradesh. The fishermen from Andhra Pradesh belonged to Etcherla Mandal. All the fishermen were detained near Gujarat.

According to the Andhra Pradesh Intelligence department sources, these fishermen from AP were hired by a fishing company in Gujarat and they work on trawlers.

Fishermen from different states had crossed International waters accidentally and were surrounded by the Pakistan coast guard and taken into custody.

Kala Venkat who belongs to north AP and also a TDP leader had informed the chief minister of AP after he received information from the AP intelligence department.

Chandrababu Naidu spoke to the resident commissioner in New Delhi and asked the Ministry of External Affairs for an early release of these fishermen.

Revenue officers in Srikakulam reached out to the families of these fishermen and assured an early release of the fishermen.

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