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After Backlash, Yanamala Returns the Expenses

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After Backlash, Yanamala Returns the Expenses
Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu has remitted the expenses amounting to Rs 2.88 lakhs back to the government which he claimed for a root canal treatment in Singapore.

Earlier in August, a G.O was released by Government Secretary, Srikanth Nagulapalli directing the concerned officials to reimburse Rs 2.88 lakhs as medical claims. The order also mentioned that the clearance was not subject to an approval from finance department which raised a furore.

The opposition parties and netizens lashed out at the government and Yanamala following the order. They questioned the government as to how can it reimburse such an amount for a simple root canal treatment especially in the current scenario where the state is facing a cash crunch. Another issue raised by the opposition parties was on the necessity to travel all the way to Singapore for the treatment considering that AP has got a number of super-speciality hospitals.

The remitting of expenses by Yanamala has come in as a surprise and has in a way dented their reputation especially considering that the party jumped to the defence of Yanamala in August. TDP spokesperson Lanka Dinakar defending Yanamala in August had issued a statement terming the whole controversy as ‘unnecessary’ and ‘oppositions’ ploy’.


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