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1 mn wishes in 37 mnts: PK craze rekindles Jana Sena hopes

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1 mn wishes in 37 mnts: PK craze rekindles Jana Sena hopes

This Vinayaka Chavithi on September 2nd is a matter of double delight for the fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena followers across the globe. It coincides with their favourite star’s 48th birthday. Wishes have been pouring in for the actor-turned-politician since midnight on Sunday night from the zillion of fans and celebrities alike.

Even as the Mega family is leading the celebrations with several events planned for the occasion, here is another piece of heartening news for the PK fans, who appeared a bit downbeat after the recent elections. Pawan Kalyan, as the chief of Jana Sena, may have flattered to deceive in testing the political waters but that didn’t seem to have diminished his popularity even a wee bit as some of the most trending social media tags on his birthday clearly suggest.

A few of the tags that his fans started on Twitter on the occasion of his birthday on Monday are turning out to be a rage. They are not only ruling the list of the most trending but one of them, #HappyBirthdayPawanKalyan, even emerged as the most trending in the country. If the claims of Power Star’s fans are any proof, this particular tag attracted a staggering one million tweets within 37 minutes of that being posted on Twitter. What’s more, it was said to be going strong even many hours later.

Two other tags, #happybirthdaypowerstar and #HappyBirthdayJanasenani, were trending in third and fourth spots respectively on the most trending list of Twitter’s India page. The fans are obviously elated to see this ‘PK mania’ once again and claim that ‘one million tweets in 37 minutes’ is in itself a record of sorts as ‘it has never happened in the case of any other star’ in the country.

A Twitter handle in the name of @PawanKalyanFan puts the updated figure of these birthday tweets at 7.6 million (as on Monday afternoon) which, it claims, were received in just under 15 hours!

Pawan Kalyan’s birthday was the first biggest occasion for his die-hard fans and followers of Jana Sena to break free from the pensive mood. Doing his bit to enthuse the fans, Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja the other day came up with a fascinating common DP which seemed to reflect the resolve of the ‘Janasenani’ on ‘fighting relentlessly for a change in the political system’.

Fans and party activists were all eagerly waiting for this day hoping to see the ‘magic of Pawanism’ coming back to life and thereby bring back the euphoria around the star and keep his ‘mass appeal’ intact.

The whale of response from fans on social media to Pawan Kalyan’s birthday tags is certain to give the much-needed shot in the arm, particularly for Jana Sena, which is beginning to pick up pieces after its flop show in the recent elections.

Pawan Kalyan’s party was snubbed badly by the electorate of Andhra Pradesh in the April 11th polls, handing out a humiliating defeat to the charismatic star-turned-politician in both the Assembly seats he contested. As a saving grace, the party managed to win one Assembly seat.

The deathly blow from the poll verdict threw PK’s fans and Jana Sena activists into a state of despondency. Serious doubts were raised over the future of the party amid speculations that the Konidela sibling will toe the line of his elder brother and Megastar Chiranjeevi, who was forced to merge his erstwhile Praja Rajyam Party into Congress following a disappointing 2009 elections in the then undivided state.

Pawan Kalyan scotched all rumours in this regard making it clear that Jana Sena is here to stay. Also, he is giving enough indications of late that he is getting back into the groove of active politics with renewed vigour. After remaining silent for most part of the time since the elections, he made his first significant public appearance the other day when he undertook a tour of the Amaravati capital region.

Now his birthday whipping up the fan-frenzy once again in a big way, it’s anybody’s guess that the Jana Sena would be eying to cash in on Pawan Kalyan’s undiminished image among the 'filmy masses'. It is likely to use this heartening trend to re-energise its rank and file to rally behind their favourite leader in his bid to play a proactive role and position Jana Sena as a strong opposition entity.

-Durga Prasad Kanamaluru


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