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The way to a dog’s heart really is through its stomach

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The way to a dog’s heart really is through its stomach
A growing body of research says training dog with food rewards is the easiest and most effective way to train. Other methods don’t work as well, and there is a high probability of those harming your dog and the pet-owner relationship. The American Kennel Club said, “Using treats during training is the best way to guarantee that your dog will repeat the behaviour you want.”

Erica Feuerbacher, an assistant professor in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science at Virginia Tech, did a study that compared a food reward to the reward of petting and praise. Erica said, “They’ll work harder and respond faster for food than for social interaction. I found out that dogs will stay near a person who’s praising them for the same amount of time as if they’re being ignored.”

She adds, “If you have a fearful dog, using food is especially important because it builds a positive association through Pavlovian conditioning with the person providing it. “ Talking about the quantity of these rewards, Feuerbacher said, “Food used for training should be part of their ration of calories, not an addition. So feed a little less to make sure your dog isn’t too stuffed to want more.” Dog trainers also say, “For most everyday behaviors that ordinary people want to teach, food is quicker and easier.” 



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