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Faking Virginity on First Night!

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Faking Virginity on First Night!
India with diversities is still wrong in understanding the concept of virginity.  This context is raised and is gone viral over Twitter and has done rounds on social media because of a product on a famous online platform.

The description of the product is given below:

I-Virgin, Blood for the First Night’ and gives a list of benefits.

~ The high-quality blood powder

~ Fake Blood for the First Night

~ No side effects. No needles

~ Not toxic. No anaesthesia

~ No surgery! Easy, fast, safe & convenient

Also, there are many things that have been coming on the internet and in the market like the fairness creams, tightening of the vagina, weight loss treatments and what not! These obsessions in India have gone way too beyond and are seen impacting each and every individual irrespective of creed, class and age. Another recent example is Aiswarya Rai Bachchan did cakes her daughter with a layer of makeup and she is just eight years old. There are many things that add to the certainty of the living of individuals. But the influencers and fandoms doing such things always cause an impact of the fans and viewers.

The concept of virginity literally means no intercourse of sexual pleasure. But in India, it is believed the breaking of hymen while it is not. These misconceptions are deeply believed and considered in various parts of India and can be said as the highest percentage of the population. The concept of faking virginity and the pills available in markets defines the mental understanding about the concept of virginity and the desire to have virgin wife indirectly impacting women to take such decisions. Encouraging such products by the buyers has to be stopped. The beliefs and the perspective on virginity should be shifted from breaking of hymen to no intercourse of sex. This serious taboo in the societies and communities has to be erased and has to be acting responsibly for the country and its development.

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