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Double blow for ‘Teen maar’: Bithiri Sathi joins TV9

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Double blow for ‘Teen maar’: Bithiri Sathi joins TV9

Bithiri Sathi aka Ravi Kumar, who became an overnight star on TV, has ended his association with V6 news channel to join TV9. The comedian, who emerged as the darling of the masses with his inimitable Telangana slang, confirmed this news through a short video. He said that he would start his new journey with TV9 from August 30th.

For many ardent fans who became addicted to ‘Teen Maar Varthalu show’ that V6 airs daily in the night, the news comes with a certain sense of shock and disbelief. For them, Bithiri Sathi and Teen Maar Varthalu are simply inseparable. Sathi, in his video message, profusely thanked the management of V6 for treating him well and extending their cooperation during his four-and-a-half-year association with the channel’s most popular daily show. He sought to attribute the reason for his departure to ‘more exciting career prospects’ coming his way.

The TV9, which has been trying hard for a makeover post its acquisition by Alanda Media, has really pulled off a coup of sorts by poaching Sathi from V6. Keeping in view the comedian’s immense popularity on TV, the TV9 management is speculated to have gobbled him up by offering a fancy pay packet that’s hard to resist.

Sathi’s exit turns out to be a double whammy for V6. The channel had already lost Savitrakka aka Siva Jyothi, an equally popular anchor of Teen Maar and a perfect foil for the comedian, after she quit her job for the sake of Bigg Boss Telugu season-3 reality game show. She is currently locked up in the Bigg Boss house as an inmate and is touted to be one of the strongest contenders for the title.

With Sathi also gone now, ‘Teen Maar’ instantly loses its sheen. But V6 has faced crises of this nature in the past as well. Every time, it succeeded in bringing in new talent and nurturing them into great assets for the light-hearted news-based comedy show.

Before the duo of Savitrakka and Bithiri Sathi became a smashing success, the channel had introduced Katthi Kartika and Ramulakka, who also attained instant fame anchoring the show. After a few years of their stints, they too left the organization for greener pastures. It would be interesting to see V6’s next move with regard to the popular show.

Is the management once again inclined to groom yet another new pair or will it be receptive to the idea of welcoming Savitrakka back into its fold once she is done with her Bigg Boss 3 commitments or will there be a new show replacing it are the questions that are on everybody’s lips.

Bithiri Sathi is one of the most stunning success stories in the world of news television. Despite not being a news junkie, the former mimicry artiste was able to mesmerize wide sections of the audience with his weird accent, funny attire and a hilarious wordplay.

With his popularity soaring high in double quick time, he has also been receiving film offers in the last two years. While continuing his commitment with V6, the star comedian did cameos in several Telugu fi films.

One only hopes he would be able to recreate the magic in his new organization as well..!

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