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Dog's can communicate with humans with their eyes!

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Dog's can communicate with humans with their eyes!

Yes, it is true and proved that dogs can convey what they feel to humans with the help of their eyes. In a recent study on dogs and wolves, it was revealed that the eye muscles of dogs help them to communicate their feelings to humans especially to their owners. These muscles have evolved over a period of time to help dogs communicate better

Though wolves and dogs have same facial muscles, the thin eye muscles in dog make them different from wolves as that tiny muscle below the eye helps the dogs to express the feelings and emotions by raising and moving the muscles.

This study was published in the journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in which the lead author Dr. Juliane Kaminski suggested that the inner eyebrow-raising movement of dogs attracts the human attention which helps them to communicate. She also said that the dogs can start communicating as soon as they get acquainted with humans for more than 2 minutes. This natural phenomenon is not observed in wolves. The research is carried on purely to understand the reasons why man has chosen dogs for domestication and not wolves.

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