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Avoid these food items in monsoon

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Avoid these food items in monsoon


Monsoon is here to drench you all the way with heavy rains and drizzling. One thing during the monsoon that gets us thinking is what to eat and what not to eat. Food habits must be changed accordingly as the season changes to keep ourselves from seasonal diseases and allergies. Of all the seasons, Monsoon is known to be the most disease prone season and we have to be very careful in choosing our foods. In this regard, we bring you the list of some foods which you need to avoid so as to the monsoon rains happily.

Roadside food and Juices: Not only in Monsoon, but it is better to always avoid the roadside and junk food along with the juices as they always have the side effects which mainly causes the stomach infections. The chance of using the contaminated water in juices, pani-puri, and other chat items is more during monsoon.

Complete Fried items or complete raw foods: Complete fried items and complete raw food takes longer time to digest in monsoon season as the body’s metabolic rate decreases. It is suggestible to eat boiled and steamed food in these days.

Curd and Thick Dairy products: People suffering from asthma and sinus problems must keep away the dairy products to the maximum as they increase the irritation charges greatly.

Sea Food: As the rainwater mixes with mud and dirt and then joins the rivers and seas, it is the best idea to avoid the sea and water food.

Mushrooms: As mushrooms take the damp and muddy soil to grow and consuming those increases the chances of attracting new bacterial infections.

Mangoes: Mangoes contain the components which elevate the gastric zones on the human body and results in acidic and indigestion problems. So, mangoes are not suggestible in monsoons.


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