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Sri Reddy talks on politics

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Sri Reddy talks on politics

Sri Reddy's name is familiar with casting couch in Telugu film industry. She blamed every big wig in the industry and protested against that creating a sensation in Tollywood.

She was hotly famous for her half-naked protest before the Film Chamber of Commerce. 

She got support from all the sections of the society, but the entry of Telugu Film Industry big heads into the fray and her differences with Pawan Kalyan stopped the issue from getting much murkier and even bigger. 

However, she did not stop there. She posted on social media that attracted national attention. Since then she is posting continuously on social media to be in the news. it seems she was habituated with that. It seems she enjoyed making controversial remarks on celebrities. 

However, she is getting support from certain sections of society particularly from cine circles. The people attacking her on social media are more in number than the ones who supported her. That did not distract her from making comments on social media. 

Particularly she puts comments targeting the celebrities. Now she started commenting on politicians also. Till now, she posted comments that berated TDP and Janasena. Lately, she is supporting their arch rival YSRCP's Jaganmohan Reddy. She is not only commenting but also posting indicating her support to YSRCP. 

She is making political guessing also. Recently in a posting, she said that YSRCP would win the elections handsdown in Andhra Pradesh. 

Not satisfying with sending good wishes to Jagan, she even painted her hand with Mehendi on his name. 

She posted, "Sir, you have to come,.. need to correct everybody... Kaavaali Jagan, Raavali Jagan.. Don't spare your enemies" addressing YSRCP chief Jagan. 

So, people who regularly follow her wished her entry into politics. Some moved further and commented that she will be joining YSRCP. Sources say that some leaders in YSRCP are feeling that it would be good if she joins their party. However, observers feel that Sri Reddy is a firebrand and cares for nobody. They opine that there would be no bound for her comments on political opponents if she joints politics and may damage political mileage for the party she enters.

Barring all the things, one has to wait for Sri Reddy's comment about her political entry. Till then everything is just an estimation.

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