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Adithya Varma is a bit light-weighted but almost the same

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Adithya Varma is a bit light-weighted but almost the same
Adithya Varma not really matches the Arjun Reddy because it created a little subtleness in its own way. Revealed reports that said the movie already released but could not match the original level and will not ace over the screens and the hearts of viewers. So there happened few changes, but still it is observed that there are not many changes and this took place because the directors want to avoid criticism for the movie.

As it is a debut movie for Dhruv Vikram, son of South Indian stay Vikram, he was seen delivering an outstanding performance that will let the viewers go awe with his performance. The director of Aditya Varma was seen managing to deliver such a light-weighted movie that will not receive any negative comments like Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh did.

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Banita Sandhu who will seen beside Dhruv as the lead actress have given a decent performance and has appealed the viewers but it is the lead actor Dhruv who gave some wonderful performance and steals the hearts of the audience. Chemistry between both worked on the screen so well and the movie geeks really seem to impressed. Also the scene which depicts with whom to friendship is also controversial in all the version and here was also shown in the same way.

Also Dhruv’s scene with his dog is really heart-warming to watch and gives a reason for us to smil. Radhan’s music has done a wonderful job added with the background score. Leela Samson who plays Dhruv’s grandmother on the big screen is a delight to watch her role. The film might be down as Kabit Singh and Arjun Reddy because of its sexist comments and scenes in the movie. Also there are few scenes where Dhruv will be looking exactly like his father Vikram and it is treat to their fans.

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